Friday, August 20, 2010

This Week in Bookplates 8/22/2010

After seeing last week's posting about The Antioch Bookplate Co. Evelia Sowash sent several scans .The one above shows Ernest Morgan ,the man who co-founded the company.

It was taken when he was in his eighties and shortly before he passed away.

In the picture below Evelia is doing her thing at Antioch in 1998.

Evelia currently runs her own design firm

The information and photos below were received from Dr. Thomas Ferguson whose brother Benton did freelance art work for The Antioch Bookplate Company.

Benton Ferguson , shown above was born in the early 1900's and died in the 1970's

During his lifetime he was a reporter for the Scripps -Howard newspaper chain ,an account executive for several advertising agencies and eventually ran his own advertising, P.R. firm.

Along the way he did some freelance art work for Antioch. The distinctive designs of his
"Young Moderns" series of bookplates are shown below.
They are still quite popular almost 50 years later and can still be ordered through Bookplate Ink

The man hole plate above is my favorite. If Mr. Ferguson were still alive today he might substitute a cell phone for the book . Have you noticed the increasing number of people crossing the street , talking on a cell phone, while ignoring changing traffic lights and oncoming cars ?

Here are a few links that may interest you.
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