Sunday, August 01, 2010

Antioch Bookplate Co. Artists # 2

Representative samples of bookplates designed by Evelia Sowash. Unfortunately,the three peel and stick plates shown below did not scan well at all. That is because they are made with a black outline around gold foil .The scanner does not properly pick up the gold foil. It is a shame because these plates are quite striking.

Evelia Sowash was most helpful in providing scans and samples of the bookplates she designed while working for the Antioch Bookplate Company.

She currently has her own design studio and her website is

The "Gryffindor is a bookmark and the other Harry Potter items are peel and stick bookplates.

On June 20th I began this series about the artists who worked for The Antioch Bookplate Company. It is an ongoing project and I hope to hear from more of the Antioch artists and their relatives. Evelia Sowash worked for Antioch over a ten year period.
She was involved in the design and production of bookplates, bookmarks and journals . This is a small representative sample of some of her designs.
I also want to thank Karen Gardner of Bookplate Ink for her ongoing help in locating some of the Antioch artists and their relatives. Karen's website is also worth visiting. Here it is:

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