Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bookplate Addiction Made Easy

I have listed 11 bookplates on Ebay . My goal is to offer a representative sampling of some of the best of the American bookplate designers. Here is a link to all of them.

James Webb Above
Sidney L. Smith Below

Edmund Garrett Above
Jay Chambers Below

John William Evans Above
Sara Eugenia Blake Below

WARNING- bookplates are highly addictive and can result in the stunted growth of your pocketbook .
By the way, if you need a fix and can't wait until my Ebay items auction ends I would suggest you find a local hand bookbinder. They are genetically programmed to save every scrap of paper and leather . Often, they are receptive to the request of an enthusiastic bookplate collector who wants to purchase some of their stash.
See you on Sunday

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