Thursday, December 02, 2010

Stanislaw Radziwill , A Turkey & The Lone Ranger

On Thanksgiving weekend I wanted to put a turkey bookplate on my blog but was unable to find one. Yesterday in a bookplate exchange I got one, so here it is . The designer Franklin Bittner had a studio in Nutley , New Jersey. There was an important Anglo -American banker named Edgar Speyer who lived in New York in his later years and this might have been done for him
( I have my doubts). Here is some biographical information about Sir Edgar Speyer.

Click On Image To Enlarge I was drawn to this Arts and Crafts bookplate for Henrietta Cowenhoven Brown.
My first thought was that it was done by Jessie M King. It is not; however, on the checklist by Colin White in the March 1995 issue of The Bookplate Journal. If you know who designed the plate please let me know.

Stanislaw Radziwill (1914-1976 ) Married Jackie Kennedy's Sister Lee Bouvier. I am sure he accomplished more than that in his lifetime but that is how most people remember him.
Fellow bookplate enthusiast Olli Ylonen has sent the following additional information:
Your point on Stanislaw Radziwill gave me some thought about the Radziwill family.Part of their history is in Helsinki, Finland vecause of many quirky historical factsIn the collections of National Library of Finland is part of the Radziwill family library:
If you were a child in the U.S. in the 1940's or the early fifties or just an old time radio buff the name Fran Striker may be dimly familiar. Here is some biographical information to refresh your memory

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RichSpen said...

Sir Edgar Speyer's bookplate? As a knight Sir Edgar would have been awarded a Grant of Arms by the Sovereign to accompany the knighthood if Sir Edgar was not already armigerous. The turkey is depicted as an heraldic crest standing on a base surrounded by a torse or wreath (a rope with 6 parts using the first two colours of the mantling). I think the items either side are horns. The motto would also be part of the Grant. See

A record would be kept here at the College of Arms in London,