Saturday, December 04, 2010

Support Your Local Artist

Daniel Mitsui recently completed a bookplate for the library on The Arcania, a luxury yacht built seventy eight years ago.
Here is a link about the history of the Arcania.

Dear Daniel,
In Japan ,they have designated national living treasures. Artists, whose accomplishments are recognized by the government. I know it sounds hokey but I have always felt you are an American national living treasure. There are very few competent artists in America who are producing bookplates.The only other one besides you that I can think of is Richard Wagoner and he is so well established in the print world that he rarely devotes time to bookplates. With your permission I will run something about your Acania bookplate this weekend . Just yesterday I had lunch with an Israeli collector who in passing mentioned your name and the fact that he would like to contact you about a bookplate. Perhaps this gentle nudge will be a catalyst for my readers who keep meaning to get a bookplate but never seem to follow through .
Here is Daniel's email address and his website:

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