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Guthrie Y. Barber's Bookplate by D.P. Crane

I started using Google's Stat feature about one year ago . One of it's interesting features is a record of the most viewed postings.
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  The bookplate shown below was done by D. P. Crane in 1913 and scanned by me with new software which I have not fully mastered.
The owner Guthrie Y. Barber(1875-1941) was a Canadian born New York banker who collected Western Americana books and prints. 
His prints were sold by Parke-Bernet in 1942.
   All I know about D.P Crane is that they were active post-card publishers in the early 1900's. If you have any information about the company or other bookplates they did please let me know and your information will be added to this posting.
I have not yet found any other bookplates they designed but  have a nagging feeling that I have a different bookplate with their logo somewhere in my collection.
    There is a story about how I obtained the plate. An EBay seller  offered a book which contained the Barber bookplate at a starting price of $199.00.
The book did not sell and I contacted the seller with two options:

Option one: Send me the book . I will remove the bookplate without any damage and return the book to you with a check for your postage plus a fair price for the bookplate.

Option Two: I will send you instructions on how to remove the bookplate.
You remove it and I will pay you a fair price for it.

In all candor I did not expect the dealer to be amenable to either option but it does not hurt to try. To my surprise the dealer chose option two.
Here Are some additional Google stats relating to page views by country.
China is not shown but I know there are are an increasing number of Chinese viewers.

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