Sunday, December 23, 2012

More Christmas and New Years Cards

Yesterday I included two cards by J. W. Spenceley. Here are a few by his brother Frederick (1872-1947) .

You may have Frederick Spenceley bookplates in your collection and don't realize it.

Bookplates signed Spenceley , with no first name were done by Frederick.

Mae Marsh was an American silent film actress.

Edward Stephen Harkness was an American philanthropist

For those of you familiar with New York's upper west side it's hard to believe this was what west 83rd Street looked like.

Iorg Gambini created thousands of these ephemeral items along with a multitude of bookplates.

              Olive Percival was among other things a bookplate collector and a designer who lived in California.

Bernhardt Wall is best known for his etchings and post cards but he also designed a number of bookplates.

Olivia Erdmann lived in New York City . She designed charming bookplates for herself  and family members.

George Sekine made the following notation on the back of this card: " (Junishi) is the twelve signs of the oriental zodiac. The sign of this new year is a snake.The snake sign of this year is the same as my birth's year sign. These men are called as Toshi- otoko (year's man) in Japan "

The Card shown below was designed by Ernest Huber in 1935. I debated whether or not to include it and decided the image was more powerful and thought provoking than any others in my collection so here it is.

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