Friday, December 28, 2012

New Years Cards

Here are a few New Years Cards from my collection.

Clifford P. Frimbach was a bookplate collector and and engraver.

He did this card around 1935. It is a steel engraving hand colored with transparent water colors

Greville Rickard was an architect

Ismael Smith was among other things a bookplate designer.

Mayumi Tachibana is to the best of my knowledge a bookplate collector and designer.The card below was for the year of the serpent.

Fellow bookplate collector and designer Huang Wuchang sent me this card for the year of the dragon

Thank you Rebecca Eschliman for sending the following:

Antioch Bookplate Archives–Unusual New Year’s Greetings

previous post featured some unusual bookplates by an artist better known for his political cartoons (many of which are startlingly reminiscent of those commenting on today’s issues!), Art Young. More details of Young’s life and work may be found here and here.
Among the little correspondence from the 1930s that remained in the Antioch Bookplate Company files were some New Year’s Greetings from Art Young to his friend (a friendship developed from their shared interest in socialist causes) and Antioch Bookplate Company founder Ernest Morgan.
Photo postcard of Art Young
Art Young in the late 1930s
New Year's greeting from Art Young, 1936
1936 New Year's Greeting
Art Young New Year's Greeting, 1938
New Year's greeting 1938
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I will be back on Sunday with a year end wrap up and a preview of what I plan to write about in 2013.

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