Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of Year Wrap-Up

2013 will be the start of my seventh year as a blogger. I am pleasantly surprised at my continued output.

Here are a few of the things planned for next year.

An expanded article on Arnold A. Robert with many previously unpublished illustrations.

A contest about   The most humorous bookplate in your collection. 

I previously had a bizarre bookplate contest back in 2007

More Collector Profiles.

For this to happen I need your help. All you need to do to participate is to send me a paragraph or two about yourself and your collection.If English is not your primary language I will assist you with the editing.
Take the first step and contact me.

An article about bookplates with microscopes

If you want to get a hardbound copy of all the blog postings for 2012 go to 

They do an excellent job and are reasonably priced.

Don't forget next weekend is the Papermania show

If you plan to attend and have bookplates for sale or trade send me an email.

Happy New Year

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