Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bookplate Artists From Around The World ,John Watson


I have hardly been involved at all in making bookplates until recently, though I’ve long been fascinated by them.  Since my own work has always gravitated towards small graphic forms, exlibris do seem a natural extension of this. 
Most of the bookplates I’ve done to date have been as gifts for family and friends.

Ex Libris Rebecca Watson
For my daughter - obsessed with reading practically from birth!

Ex Libris Josephine and Raymond Morgan
A bookplate created for old and dear friends. Somewhere in the night sky are the constellations of their respective star signs.

'Ex Libris Solstizio D’Estate
A bookplate entered for a competition in Italy – one of the first I entered. There is an annual calendar of competitions worldwide for all types of small graphic forms, many open to artists anywhere.'

Ex Libris Pascal Belin
This one a commission, for my daughter’s PhD supervisor on completion of her doctorate. Professor Belin’s area of research is the perception of sound in the brain.

Ex Libris Gabriella Stewart
A gift for a friend’s daughter. A pair, celebrating her twin enthusiasms for basketball and climbing.

Note From Lew.

Here is a link to John's website where you can see the full range of his portfolio.


The Humorous Bookplate Contest Ends February 13th

Entry #9

Please find attached my entry for the competition. Much like your correspondent Evan Sullivan, not sure if this comes across as directly humorous, though the intent was to amuse. Also strictly speaking not from my collection, but was designed by me for a friend. An avid reader and tea fiend, she also has a ‘thing’ about pigs (which I can understand – there’s more to pigs than meets the eye).

Kind regards
John    Watson          


From Richard Schimmelpfeng

 Roughly: Translated -You steal my book, see what happens to you. 
 Artist is Heinrich Nernst


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