Sunday, February 24, 2013

Three Links Worth Viewing

I've been saving a few links that might interest you .This one  from the blog is about   book arts and it fascinated me. Here is their description:

"This blog has seen it’s fair share of pop-up books, and animation using paper, but this might be the first where everything comes together in a single piece. Revolution is an animated short by photographer Chris Turner, paper engineer Helen Friel and animator Jess Deacon that explores the life cycle of a single drop of water through the pages of an elaborate pop-up book. The book contains nine scenes that were animated using 1,000 photographic stills shot over the course of a year. (via faith is torment)"

Over at  Princeton University   Stephen Ferguson is doing an excellent job of researching bookplates in their book collections.

"An in-progress registry of provenance, bindings, annotations, and other evidence for book history from the rare book collections at Princeton

Over at Shared Shelf Commons institutional collections from around the world have been digitized .
This is a very useful reference tool.The site is overwhelming and should probably be bookmarked.
That's what I did several weeks ago   and I have not looked at it since then. Shame on me.

I figure there are about 200 bookplate collectors in the U.S. .Within  that group perhaps ten people at most are interested  in 18th century American bookplates.With that thought in mind I have digitized about 30 18th century and early 19th century bookplates currently for sale. They range in price from $40.00 to $150.00 .
 If you send me an email I will be glad to send scans and prices.

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