Sunday, May 27, 2007

Show And Tell

Click on Images To Enlarge. The Foote bookplate shown above is a type often referred to as a canting or punning plate.The person's name is incorporated into the design.No information about the owner is currently available.

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This was a good week for bookplate hunting. A dealer friend sent me a large collection from which I was able to select some items that appealed to me. The bookplate for the West Side Republican Club (New York City) was designed by Charles N. Israels, an architect who was also a member . The club was organized around 1898 and in 2002 it had a name change. It is now the Gertrude And Morrison Parker West Side Republican Club. The history section on their website is not up and running yet but I will send them an email to get additional background information.

Gertrude L. Brown- I have a fondness for colors so this hand colored plate was one that immediately caught my eye.There is no artist's name and a Google search was of no help.

Ada Thatcher Huntzinger - Plate is etched and engraved, no artist indicated. She lived in California ,was the daughter of Mahlon D. and Luna a. Thatcher and married Robert Lee Huntzinger. As always your input is encouraged.

Caryle S. Baer- was one of the founding members of the American Society of Bookplate Collectors And Designers. The artist's initials on his polo plate are T.F. I should have more specific information about the artist before the end of the day.By the way , I do have multiple copies of this plate for possible exchange.

That's about it for today. Next week I will add some more canting plates.

Breaking News 5/28/07 --The West Side Loft Book Fair scheduled to open 5/31/07 in New York City was officially canceled last night. With such short notice I am sure there are going to be many unhappy exhibitors and attendees.

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I love the Gertrude Brown one. That's my idea of a good time!