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This Week In Bookplates 6/1/2008

Andy English recently completed this bookplate for Hans Maurer. In the May 25th posting on his blog there is a fascinating video about the transformation of a block of wood into a bookplate.

I went to two library book sales this week and here is a site to help you locate the book sales in your community.

At one of the sales I got an 18th century dated book label for Samuel Dexter (Allen # 222)

He was among other things, the fourth U.S. Secretary of war (1800-1801) and the third U.S. Secretary of the Treasury (four months in 1801)

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One of the joys of my bookplate research is discovering little gems about people and events in history. Joseph W.Seton Jr. was a San Diego California Banker and a naturalist. His bookplate is is not all that noteworthy but in my research I found that every employee at his bank was trained in marksmanship . On the evening news in Philadelphia they show videos of some guy who robs local banks with impunity.The good old days may not have been so good but they certainly had some good ideas.While I am in my grumpy old fart mood let me ask a question.

Am I the only one who wishes cell phones were never invented ? I was at a book sale yesterday and could not believe the number of disruptive phone rings and loud talkers.

Journal of San Diego History: "The Bank's shooting range (on the top floor of its downtown office building) was installed by Joseph Sefton Jr. so that everyone 'would know how to shoot straight in case of robbery.'
Next Monday and Tuesday (June 9th & 10th) I will be bookplate hunting in Manhattan and Brooklyn. If you have bookplates to sell or trade let me hear from you. I can be reached at
See you next week.

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