Friday, July 28, 2006

Rats, Gnats And Light Bulbs

The Textile Museum in Washington D.C. is exhibiting
28 rarely seen items from their permanent collection.
Many of the items shown were acquired by the museum's
founder , George Hewitt Myers and you can click on the link
below for details. - The First Art Newspaper on the Net

Mr. Myers had a very interesting bookplate etched by
Livia Kadar (1894-1985). She was originally from Hungary
and settled in the U.S. I do not know of any other bookplates she designed.

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Several days ago I wrote about rabbits on bookplates. Trish, one of my readers wrote to tell me that she was fond of rodents and did I know of any bookplates with mice or rats.Well Trish it just so happens I found one .It was designed by the American wood engraver Richard E. Horton in 1990 for a collector(of bookplates).
If I find any others I will post them.

This got me to thinking about other critters one does not usually associate with bookplates and I will be adding images throughout the week.

Gnats: The image is actually that of a mite, Sarcoptes Scabei , which causes Scabies. Reuben Friedman wrote about Napoleon's battle with the affliction in The Emperor's Itch .

Light Bulbs: When I was a kid, Dick Tracy, in the Sunday comics had a wristwatch telephone . The concept was so futuristic that most people did not think they would see such a device in their lifetime. Now things well beyond wristwatch communicators are readily available and our sense of wonderment has been dulled by the speed of progress.

I mention that because there was a time when the light bulb was an object of awe. So much so , that they were depicted in bookplates. Two examples are illustrated . Both were done in the 1890's

E. D. French engraved the Connell plate in 1897 and Thomas Erat Harrison designed the Electrical Standardizing Testing And Training Institution plate in 1891.

Do click on the image to enlarge it as the detail on both is remarkable.

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Trish said...

Thanks, Lewis! I am beginning to see your attraction to this ephemera...amazing artwork and designs.