Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random Thoughts About Collecting/Old Hobbies Revisited

My napkin(that's right napkin) collection was given to my daughter Moira. The cigarette rolling paper collection went to my son Steven.
Stamp Collecting was one of my earliest hobbies (after bubblegum cards). Here are two bookplates by H.L. Peckmore relating to that hobby. Click on the Images to enlarge,

I used to collect bookmarks but most of that collection was sold; however, I kept a few of my favorites. The Indian bookmark is made of aluminum.

Bubble Gum cards were easy to collect and only cost 1 cent, plus they came with bubble gum. Some secret ingredient in the bubble gum was vital to our war effort so that hobby ended shortly after Pearl Harbor. After the war ended my father took me to Manhattan where I was able to buy bubble gum once again at the inflated price of 5 cents. Fast forward last year: I stopped off at a bookshop on the way to the Cooperstown book show and purchased this card for $4.00 I will be going to Cooperstown next weekend to attend the show.It's off the beaten path, which is why I enjoy it. Here is a link to information about the show

I used to collect ceramic tiles and art pottery. The framed dragonfly tile was made by The American Encaustic Tile Company . E.Stanley Wires wrote about the history of ceramic tiles in the United States. His bookplate was sent to me by Paul Evans whose book Art Pottery Of The United States is still one of the most useful reference books for both beginning and advanced collectors. I assume it is out of print .

See you next week .
P.S. If you are in upstate New York and have bookplates to sell or trade I would like to hear from you.

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