Sunday, June 08, 2008

Who Watches This Blog?/18th Century Name Labels
Congratulations to Emily R. Symonds and her colleagues for digitizing the bookplates of Ainslie Hewett. Click onto the link above .It is informative and well thought out.

Walk A Crooked Mile , a book store at the the Mt. Airy train station is a throw back to another time . Here is a blog entry from Straight From The Farm describing it.

I usually go there in the spring and fall because it is a nice place to visit even when I come home empty handed. Last week I got an 18th century woodcut name label for James B. Wilkinson. This is not the American general and I have not found out who he was. It is interesting to note that St. John's College in Annapolis is still active. The plate for John Campbell (1765-1828) also of Maryland was already in my collection. He was a member of the Maryland senate and the U.S. congress. If you click on the image to enlarge it you will see that the Cartouche of bound Acanthus leaves on both plates was done by the same artist.

I am often surprised about the numbers of viewers coming to this blog from around the world.This graph puts the data into digestible form. To me the most interesting fact is that 4% of of the viewers are from Brazil and that China is not even shown. I am not sure why that is since there are more active bookplate collectors in Mainland China than there are in the U.S. and The U.K. combined.


Sean Tierney said...

Lew - It's possible that you aren't getting traffic from mainland China becasue of the Internet reestrictions and filters in place in that country. Since blogs are about as free and open as you can get when it comes to unrestricted speech, the domain may be completely blocked outright.

Eric said...

Hi Lewis - I myself don't collect bookplates, but as an illustrator and graphic designer I find the range of styles incredible! I follow your blog to see all the amazing variety in this perhaps-not-as-once-popular-as-it-once-was art form, and you do an amazing job at presenting it! So, it's not just collectors in your readership!

Meridth Gimbel said...

I second that! :)

Miryam said...

I'm too coming because of the art and beauty shown on your blog

Anonymous said...

your blog is one of my favorate blogs! by the way, I am from Mainland China.

kimberly de souza said...

Hey Lewis,
i view your blog regularly and i was hoping to see Singapore there but apparently not. Maybe the graph is a little off?