Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bookplates and Christmas Cards #1

I want to wish all of you a very merry Christmas.I suspect this is the last year little Harrison (in his Indiana Jones hat) will be a Santa believer.
Family members from left to right :
Lisa (daughter- in -law), Santa, Me
Moira (daughter),Harrison (grandson)
Steven (son -in -law), Steven (son)

Bookplate Designers often create interesting Christmas cards for their own use and for their clients. Each day this week until Christmas I will Scan a few.This first group is by A.N. Macdonald. If you click on any image it will enlarge.

Jim Lewis was kind enough to send me the following information:
Satterwhite was J.P. Morgan's son-in-law and wrote a book about him after he died.
That huge house was on Long Island and eventually burned
EdithA. Rights was kind enough to send me the following information:
Your Macdonald Christmas cards sent me back to my 1980s notes on Macdonald images. I saw about 30 such designs in 8 different collections with only a few duplicated by those you pictured. The Library of Congress collection (in the Prints and Photographs Division, I think) had the most of these. But one unique design was owned by a grandson of Macdonald's and I am sure that has since been lost to research because he was not a young man and still rather bitter about Macdonald's abandonment of his family.

More Cards will be posted on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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