Sunday, December 28, 2008

Leather Bookplates

This is my annual update of the blog's growth. The number of visitors is now about 2,500 per month and a large percentage of them come from Google searches. About four months ago I started experimenting with Feedburner and already have 36 subscribers. The advantages of Feedburner are twofold: 1 - The blog will be delivered to you automatically within 24 hours of each new posting . 2 -there is no waiting period for the data to be downloaded. The Feedburner registration process is simple and free . It is located on the upper left side of the blog under "subscribe via Email"
There is something elegant about leather bookplates so I have selected a grouping of my favorites. Very few people use them nowadays because eventually they damage the paper they are in contact with. I can't imagine that notable book collectors like Jerome Kern and Robert Hoe did not know this but I suppose it did not concern them.
The original design for John Drinkwater's bookplate was done by his cousin G.C. Drinkwater

This plate was engraved and designed by Oscar Taylor Blackburn .If you click on the image you will see greater detail.

If you have some biographical information about the Strasburgers or the Havens please share it with us.

William Simon Glazier collected angling books. Interestingly enough I found this pasted under another bookplate which is how it got slightly damaged during removal. Leather bookplates are usually easy to remove because most glues do not firmly adhere to them and weaken over time.

Place the tip of an X-ACTO blade under a corner and gently pull upwards to remove them.

Julia Parker Wieghtman collected miniature books .

J. P. Morgan whose bookplate is shown above was last reported doing cartwheels in his grave over Hank Paulson's Christmas present to all his cronies. See you next week (year).


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soph*e said...

hi, reached your blog via the "you will be assimilated" blog. I sent a link to my mother who happens to be an artist who makes ex-libris on demand, for collectors or for exchange.. i thought you might be interested in getting in touch with each other, for the love of bookplates. here is a site where she has work samples, there's a small ex-libris section and contact where you can mail her, shall you be interested.

keep the blog going! good work!