Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bookplates and Christmas Cards # 4

Iorg Gambini created thousands of these ephemeral items along with a multitude of bookplates.

Bernhardt Wall is best known for his etchings and post cards but he also designed a number of bookplates.

Olivia Erdmann lived in New York City. Her book plate and this charming card are in my collection

George Sekine made the following notation on the back of this card: " (Junishi) is the twelve signs of the oriental zodiac. The sign of this new year is a snake.The snake sign of this year is the same as my birth's year sign. These men are called as Toshi- otoko (year's man) in Japan "

By Ernest Huber

By Jan Battermann

By Marius Liugaila

By Sascha Kronburg

That just about ends this Christmas Card Marathon .

Here is a link to a Japanese site with many examples of contemporary European bookplate designs:

Enjoy your holiday.

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