Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bookplates and Christmas Cards #3

Here are two cards engraved by Stanley E. Scantlin. The smaller one below was made for Hallam Webber. It is in the style of a 9th century illuminated manuscript. The card required five separate stamping impressions.

Will Simmons (1884-1949) designed the card below.

Allen Lewis (1873-1957) did this plate.

The Plate below for Mr. and Mrs. Robert Floyd should be clicked on and enlarged especially if you have ever been to the upper west side in Manhattan.There are no longer any detached mansions surrounded by pristine acreage .

Yesterday I included two cards by J. W. Spenceley. Here are a few by his brother Frederick(1872-1947) .
You may have Frederick Spenceley bookplates in your collection and don't realize it.
Bookplates signed Spenceley , with no first name were done by Frederick.
Click on the images to enlarge them.

I am currently a subscriber to Fine Books & Collections and was recently informed that the magazine will no longer be available in it's monthly printed format. There will ; however,be a free monthly e- letter which you can subscribe to at
The magazine will be missed.
See you on Wednesday with more Christmas cards.

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