Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bookplate Collector Profile ,Gabe Konrád

I have always wanted this blog to be a collaborative effort and encourage collectors to participate with collector profiles. Here is the first one received . I look forward to posting many more.

Name: Gabe Konrád (Rockford, Michigan, USA)

Occupation: I own and operate a small used and rare bookshop in the tiny village of Sand Lake, Michigan. We’re a “general stock” shop that includes a wide variety of non-fiction and children’s books.
Hobbies: I love bicycling, kayaking and hiking with my family . My daughter and I take karate classes together. I collect books that are related to my hobbies and in a past life I wrote several articles and contributed to a few books on bicycling history and touring. Now my writing centers mainly on poetry and I’m a member of the Poetry Society of Michigan.
Bookplate Collection: I’m new to collecting bookplates, having started about a year and half ago. I was infected with the collecting virus at a young age, so to keep the beast at bay I’ve tried to keep a relatively narrow scope to my collections. Currently I’m trying to put together a collection of plates that represent each designer featured in William E. Butler’s American Bookplates. No easy task. Anyone have a spare Paul Revere engraving? Cheap? I also have a few topical interests that include bookplates related to bookplates, insects, natural history, Michigan, libraries and institutions, printing, armorials, book labels," friend's" bookplates. I also have a small selection of bookseller labels as well as books with bookplates pasted in. I’d like to start a topical collection of martial arts bookplates, but I haven’t come across any
I just got an email from Daniel Mitsui with my new bookplate design. Fantastic! As I recall, the original design is 4" tall and it incorporates several devices to represent my interests and passions: a crystal, ammonite and flower for my interests in geology, paleontology and botany; a bay leaf to represent my shop, Bay Leaf Books; books and a bicycle of course; a little family tree with three apples, one each for my wife, daughter and son; bookplates are represented by the little ex libris with my initials; and the kanji characters for Karate Do ("the way of the empty hand"). All that and plenty of room left for what I like to call Daniel's "biological fill." A pic of that is attached as well.

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Anonymous said...

Your bookplate seems to reflect your life quite perfectly.

Oddly enough, and without ever having made the connection to this site before this evening, and, having done no internet searches on book plates, I was musing, today, about the importance of having a book plate designed solely for oneself, and to never, ever, use a mass-market plate. Better to write one's name in the book than the latter.