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California Houses On Bookplates

After I wrote about leather bookplates I was asked to identify this one. I have never seen it before . Do any of you recognize it ?

This posting about California Houses on bookplates is a collaboration between myself and fellow collector Jim Lewis. Jim sent me a number of examples . I choose several and tried where ever possible to add actual photographs of the houses.

Mary Pickford , the American silent screen actress owned the house at 56 Freemont Place in Los Angeles and it was eventually sold to Irene and Ernest Pace. Irene Pace had several husbands and many many plates with different last names. I know two collectors who are trying to complete a set of all her plates.

2/13/2013 Thank you  Ann Pace for submitting the following Correction:

I came across your 2009 posting of California houses in bookplates and the bookplate of Irene and Ernest Pace's home.
I thought you might be interested to know that they did not own the (Mary Pickford) house shown. Their house was a few blocks away, on Windsor Blvd. Also, as far as I know, Irene only had two husbands: Edmund Andrews and my grandfather, Ernest Milton Pace, Jr.
When I was a child Irene "hired" me to water color etched book plates that she used to exchange with other collectors and I well-remember her collections (her main collection room was on the upper right-hand side of the house).

This Pickford / Pace house was recently sold and you can find some great interior shots of the house by clicking onto "view featured sites" at the following link

Ellen B. Scripps' plate is illustrated on P.190 in Historic Bookplates in California and was designed by W.J. Fenn

Photo of the Scripps house circa 1900

Luther Burbank used at least two different bookplates. Another one of his plates is illustrated on page 89 in Historic Bookplates In California by Clare Ryan Talbot
Click On Image To Enlarge

The link above will take you to current views of the Burbank house and gardens in Santa Rosa California

I would like to showcase different bookplate collectors and their collections from time to time. Send me an email if you are interested in participating.
Next week I make my semi-annual pilgrimage to Papermania in Hartford Connecticut so in all likelihood the next blog will be a day late. Here is a link with show information:

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