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This Week In Bookplates 1/12/2009

Papermania was exhausting You could not tell we are in a recession if you were an attendee. Many dealers reported brisk sales and prices seem to have risen. If you are in the New York City area this weekend there is a book show at the 25th street armory. Details are at this link:
Three of the bookplates I picked up at the show are Harry Crosby of The Black Sun Press (wood block on parchment)
Secretary Bird by Arnljot Lovstad , a Norwegian artist. Does anyone out there recognize the owner's name?
Weird plate for Louis N.Wilson,(etching and aquatint) Signed F.B. R and engraved by W. F. Hopson. The owner was the librarian of Clark University from 1889 to 1929.
This morning I participated in a bookplate discussion on BBC/Radio Scotland. Hopefully the link below will enable you to listen to it for the next seven days. The bookplate segment starts at 21:40 on the timer
This is an abbreviated posting because I am still playing catch up after having been gone for several days. I will be posting some more later in the week. See you then.

In Nordic Exlibris Exhibition in Stockholm Nordiska Museet 1948 Arnljot Lovstedt had one example. That bookplate was for J. Throne Holst. Reading the handwriting on your example one could read it this way.
My source is the exhibition catalogue which unfortunately does not have this one in the pictures.
In some Norwegian records we can find one Johan Throne Holst who among other things had chocolate company Freia. He was born 7. February 1868 and obviously died at some point but not before becoming an honorary member of the Norwegian science academy...

Olli Ylonen
About the bird in this bookplate: chocolate company Freia later became known in Sweden as Marabou...

Olli Ylonen
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