Sunday, January 25, 2009

Collector Profile, James Goode

Occupation: Historian at the B.F. Saul Company
For seventeen years before that, I served as curator of the original
Smithsonian Institution building
Collection Size: Around 2,000 plates
Residence : Washington D.C.
I started my collection by accident. In 1975, I bid on a lot of twenty five bookplates at a local auction house and was the high bidder.
My focus is primarily on American and English ex libris .
In several years I plan to write a book on the history of American bookplates.
Most collectors keep their plates in plastic sleeves bound in a notebook. I'm a bit different in that I display mine in framed groupings . For example, some of the groups are actors, writers, and scientists. My favorite in the science group is Albert Einstein.
At the present time I am trying to add bookplates from the libraries of U.S. presidents which are not already in my collection.
Here are some very informative links:
Several weeks ago I wrote about Robert Cairns Dobson , a Connecticut bookplate designer about whom very little has been written. Attached is a digital archive which includes many of the bookplates he designed. It will take a while too sort through through all this material and it should be bookmarked for future reference.

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