Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Trip Of A Lifetime, Part One

The Rowfant Club plate above was designed by Will Low and the one below was engraved by Sidney Lawton Smith

The Grolier Club plate was engraved by Edwin Davis French as was the plate for W.K. Bixby .

Who would ever expect a sane person to come back from a Detroit, Michigan trip and describe it a magical experience. Actually, it wasn't the place so much as the people I went with , the institutions I visited and the kinetic energy that is created by putting 55 collectors from all walks of life together for five days. The trip was organized by and for members of The Fellowship Of American Bibliophilic Societies
Over the next few days I will have blog postings about a few of the collectors and dealers I met but I wanted to keep this website separate so that additional bookplates from the member clubs can be added as received. Send your scans to

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