Friday, May 21, 2010

The Trip Of A Lifetime, Part Three

Leather Bookplate used by William L. Clements
I have omitted the names of many , many institutions we visited as well as the private collectors who opened their homes to us in order to share their joy of collecting. By way of explanation, it takes a poet to properly describe a transcendental experience.Even then, the words fall short of the mark. All I can say is that next year, the good lord willing, I plan to attend the FABS meeting again.

The bookplate for A.M. Valerio was a gift from Hedger Breed, the president of the Book Club of Detroit and owner of White Raven Books in Ypsilanti Michigan. Professor Valerio taught at the University of Michigan and designed his own plate. Hedger by the way , is truly a "fisher of books" and a very helpful dealer with a large selection of books about books. Here is his Email

C.Hedger Breed P.O. Box 980469 Ypsilanti Michigan 48198-0469

Ann Arbor Michigan has a population of about 114, 000 and Philadelphia, Pa. has a population of about 1,447,000. I mention that because Ann Arbor has many more antiquarian bookshops than Philadelphia plus numerous book artists. Here are links to some of the artists , designers and publishers who attended the meeting:

Charles Adams Kelly(private press)

Cathleen A. Baker (designer, author, publisher)

Randy Asplund (illumination )

Kay and Virginia Kramer(private press)

I will be back on Sunday with my regular blog posting. See you then.

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