Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Trip Of A Lifetime, Part Two

Kathleen Marcaccio was one of many collectors I met. Her focus is on Gone With The Wind and she can be reached at In her own words here is a description of her collection:

"As promised, here's a photo of my GWTW bookshelves for your blog. The first copy of Gone With The Wind that I purchased happened to be a June 1936 printing! I then undertook to acquire other printings such as paperback editions, Book Club editions, Motion Picture editions, other hardbound printings that had visible differences such as a different color binding, and foreign editions. Along the way, I began to study the printing history of the book and acquire each known printing of the original book. It's now in its 123rd printing, and I've got 109 of those printings so far. "

Another collector I met was Maurice Barie. His focus is on Backgammon books , boards and ephemera. Maurice mentioned that he has never seen a Backgammon themed bookplate.If you have one please send a scan to and I will forward it to him.

Saul Cohen a member of the Zamorano Club collects among other things bull roarers.
If you have any for sale he can be reached at
If you are curious here is an article about bull roarers.

Here are two bookplates I purchased at John King's store.The signed hand colored proof for Janet Lansing Wicks was done by Pauline Stone . Her father, Wilbur Macey Stone was also a bookplate designer. Cecil Billington wrote books about the plants of Michigan. Normally I would soak a bookplate with glue stains on the verso but this color is tricky and sometimes bleeds so I will leave the plate as is.

John King has bookstores in at least two Detroit locations. The one I visited was at 901 West Lafayette Boulevard. It is the largest bookstore in Michigan with over 1 million Books

By New York/Philadelphia standards his prices are very reasonable.If I ever go back to Detroit I would like to spend a full week rummaging though the store.

At the end of each day I would take the Amtrak train to AnnArbor and stay at The Library Bed and Breakfast . In the morning I would reverse the process.

The owner of the Library Bed and Breakfast is Joan Knoertzer . Many people worked very hard to make the FABS trip so enjoyable but the person who made the most lasting impression on me was Joan. For those of you who have not met her , she is part Perle Mesta, part Ethel Merman., part Mother Teresa (for the stray cat community) with a dash of Amelia Earhart thrown in.
Stay Tuned for part three.

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