Sunday, April 22, 2012

Angling Bookplates from Several Collections

The Plate shown above is from the Richard Lodge Collection
The plate shown below is from my collection

The Ralston B. Reid is from the Jane Peach collection
The T. Ferdinand Wilcox plate . is from the Pierre Rastoul Collection
The Henry A.Sherwin plate is from the Richard Lodge collection

The Daniel B. Fearing plate is from the Debra Walker collection
The Oliver Sheean plate is from my collection

From the Dr.  Charles Melvin collection

"I've sent scans of 2 of my favorites. The first is Jeffrey Norton's
plate, beautiful and simple, it measures only 1 x 1.25 inches. Norton
was an important collector of angling books last century and his books
sold in the early 2000's in about 5 separate sales at Pacific Book
The second one is Joe Bates plate. Bates was a very prolific angling
writer and his bookplate signifies that beautifully: the fly rod
crossed with the quill."

The John Gerard  Hecksher plate is from the Debra Walker collection
I want to thank all the collectors who took the time to send me scans This is an ongoing project .It is not too late for you to send additional  scans.They will be added to this they are received.
Send your scans to

4/23/2012-Sent by fellow collector Wally Jansen

I just couldn't resist this although technically it is not a bookplate but a New Year's card from 1960.

Dear Mr. Jaffe,
In the attachement you'll see a dutsch universal angling ex libris from +/- 1930-1935. It is one of a serie of universal ex libris about sports and music.
yours sincerely

Jos Swiers
Tha Hague

5/4/2012-The J.Cros-Decam b0o0o-plate was submitted by Jacques Laget
 a bookplate by Germain Delatousche (1898-1966) for the Doctor J. Cros-Decam.
 Wood engraved in 1957

4/22/2012   Jacques Laget just sent another angling bookplate.These additions are appreciated.

Find here a new bookplate. Original wood engraving by Germain Delatousche. 56 x 82 mm.
J. Laget

1/29/2013 This bookplate (Fearing #116) was submitted by fellow collector Brandon Simmons.

  It was designed in 1904 by Arthur Jacobson for John W. Griggs the Governor of New Jersey and Attorney General of The United States

Next Saturday I will  be attending the Richmond Virginia bookfair
If you are in the Richmond area and have bookplates for sale or exchange I would love to hear from you.
See you again next Sunday.

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