Sunday, April 01, 2012

Random Thoughts About Google & Ebay

It's April 1st and I just checked the March Google Stats  for my blog.
 Here is an overview  of the major traffic sources.

Referring Sites
All giant entities eventually get replaced but it is pretty obvious that Google is in a very enviable position.
         Last week I listed about 18 bookplates on Ebay .The bidding was extremely competitive and several new collectors were active participants.Perhaps this is a leading indicator of an improving economy.
Ebay is more vulnerable than Google to being challenged by another established entity with deep pockets.
Two possible competitors come to mind, Amazon and Barnes and Noble..
The problem Ebay has is that it's success has turned it into a flabby giant.There is far too much clutter.
Several collectors have mentioned that they look at the site less frequently because of all the irrelevant listings.
    In any event it is still the only viable game in town and I plan to list more bookplates with them in May.
If you would like to be notified about my next Ebay auction send an Email to:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        MYSTERY BOOKPLATE

Fellow collector  Gabe Conrad has submitted a mystery bookplate(probably English),
.Does anyone out there recognize the name(s) of the owner or the artist?

In addition Gabe has a new catalog with  a number of reasonably priced books about bookplates (items-1017-1031)  Here is a link:

In several weeks I would like to write about angling bookplates. If that is your area of interest please let me hear from you . I would like to gather as  many images as possible for the posting.

See You next Sunday.

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