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Bookplate Questions On 4/29/2012

The S.S.Baltic and the S.S. Oceanic  were  owned and operated by The White Star Lines in the late 19th century.

 Both  bookplates were designed by Linley Sambourne. .The Titanic was also owned and operated by  White Star Lines so I am wondering if a bookplate ever existed for it . Does anyone out there have an answer ? I would be delighted to own one ( even if it is water stained.).

4/30/2012- Sent by fellow collector Mark Griffin

                     My law partner Brian Murphy had a Great Aunt who was traveling from Ireland to the US on the Titanic to take up a position as a nanny for Brian’s mother who was at that time just about to be born. Brian’s Great Aunt Mary, subsequently known to all as Titanic Mary, was traveling steerage and was one of the very few to successfully climb the gate that was drawn to prevent the steerage passengers from getting off the ship. As Titanic Mary obviously left the ship in quite a hurry, and probably did not have access to the library anyway, I doubt that we will find a Titanic bookplate among her possessions. She decided to return to Ireland and lived there for the rest of her life. I always thought that the White Star Line was British but recently learned that it was owned by J P Morgan. So perhaps there is an example of the Titanic bookplate in the Morgan library in NYC. 

I got this trade card/ bookplate recently because I never heard of the artist , Phyllis Brackett. .Nothing about her in any of my reference books and the only thing I found on the internet was  an announcement in the 1/1/25 Harvard Alumni News that Miss Brackett was engaged to Dexter S. Paine. Do any of you have examples of her bookplates or additional information about the artist?

This recently purchased bookplate for the book keepers amused me but I don't know anything about the owner , the artist, the dog breed or if it is from The U.S. The U. K or Australia..Any input would be appreciated..

4/30/2012  Fellow collector Mark Griffin's response:
                     The dog on the right on the bookkeepers bookplate is a bull mastiff. I am not sure what breed the dog on the left is. 

I thought this one was English and was surprised to find out that it was designed for The U.S. Army Institute Of Heraldry.
Here is a link with information about the institute:

I will contact them to find out who designed the plate and add the information to this posting when it is received..

4/30/2012 Bonnie Henning at The Institute of Heraldry responded as follows:
Mr. Jaffe:

The bookplate was placed in all our library books. We use to have quite an
extensive library; however, it has been more or less dismantled recently.
The plate contains our coat of arms - . I asked another
employee who has been here about 30 years and she does not know when it was
designed or who designed it and we have no records on it.

Please send scans and any input to

If you have bookplate questions I will try to assist you.
See you again next Sunday.

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