Sunday, April 08, 2012

Diary Of A Yuppie Fisherman

Yesterday was my son Steven's 43rd birthday. His present was a gift certificate to Capitol Fishing Tackle  in New York City

Steven and Grandson  Harrison at Brooklyn Flea in 2008
His passion for fishing  did not come from me. I am the ultimate Yuppie fisherman.On average I go fishing  with my brother Arnold once every decade
We go to a lovely place in Canada called Tedford's Lakeside Lodge.

Here's how Yuppie fishing works:
  9A.M.    You get up and amble over to the dining room for a hearty breakfast .
10A.M.    A guide takes you to a spot in the lake where fish are waiting in line to be caught..
               ( He baits the hook for you)
Noon-     The guide  takes you to a beautiful clearing on shore where his assistant has already started a fire
                and is frying steak and roasting potatoes.
                The guide cleans the fish and fries them with vegetables and spices.
               (You open your own cans of beer)
130 P.M. The guide asks if you want to continue fishing.but your preference is an afternoon nap.
Big Fish caught in 2002
Brother Arnold in 2002
7:00 P.M      Dinner , a movie and bookplate hunting in   Kingston, Ontario

This is the only bookplate I found in Kingston. It was engraved by E.D.French

I had intended to write about Angling bookplates this morning but once the thoughts started flowing in this direction I followed the flow. Next weekend I will  be more focused on bookplates and hopefully will have found lots of  treasures at the two New York City book shows..

See you soon.

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