Sunday, August 19, 2012

American Name Labels Part One

Name Labels  have limited appeal among bookplate collectors but they are of great interest to me.After handling them for a while you can sense the approximate date they were printed .With the recently purchased Dr. Gott label I was even able to find some  old gossip about him in 
The Story Of Cooperstown 

"A quaint character who established himself in the village before the coming of Elihu Phinney was Dr. Nathaniel Gott. He was a man of fiery spirit. When Dr. Gott's patients, on being restored to health, seemed inclined to forget their indebtedness to him, he threatened them with chastisement, and published the following rhymed notice in the Otsego Herald:
Says Dr. Gott,
I'll tell you what,
I'm called on hot,
All round the Ot-
-Segonian plot,
To pay my shot
[Pg 147]For pill and pot.
If you don't trot
Up to the spot,
And ease my lot,
You'll smell it hot.

Dr. Gott was an eccentric. He wore short breeches, with long stockings, and always ate his meals from a wooden trencher. Among a company of village men enjoying a convivial evening at the tavern a contest of wit and satire arose between Dr. Gott and Elihu Phinney who had become warm friends. Finally it was proposed that each should compose an impromptu epitaph for the other. In the epitaph which he improvised for Judge Phinney Dr. Gott, adapting the conceit of the schoolmen, made out Judge Phinney's soul to be so small that thousands of such could dance on the point of a cambric needle. Judge Phinney retorted with the following:
Beneath this turf doth stink and rotThe body of old Dr. Gott;Now earth is eased and hell is pleased,Since Satan hath his carcass seized.
Amid shouts of laughter from the onlookers, Dr. Gott, turning jest into earnest, strode from the tavern, and his friendship for Judge Phinney was ended.
Richard N. Venable (son of Nathaniel Venable and Elizabeth Michaux Woodson) was born 16 Jan 1763 in "Slate Hill" Prince Edward Co., VA746, and died 1838 in "Slate Hill" Prince Edward Co., VA746. He married Mary Morton on 05 Mar 1797746, daughter of William Morton.

William Gaston  1778-1844
Hannah McClure was William Gaston's second wife

I have a number of additional name labels to scan and they will be added next week in part two 
when I return from Papermania.


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