Monday, August 27, 2012

American Name Labels, Part Two

There are very few books about 18th century name labels. The best reference available is
Early Printed Book Labels by Brian North Lee. The book is primarily about English items but it does contain one or two pages  about America.

Amos Allen, Jun.

The label shown below is unusual in that it was printed for a student at Rhode Island College.

General John Armstrong

General John Armstrong fought in the American revolution.

  The Association Library


. For many years I thought it was printed by Ben Franklin but I now believe I was mistaken.

Edward Bass ,Jun.

I wrote about the Edward Bass Jr label. in a 2009 blog posting.
 Here is a link:

Caroli Bensel

 of Germantown, Pennsylvania woodcut label with type border printed by Christopher Sower

In all candor this name label project  is bigger than I had anticipated so I will sign off for now and continue with an additional posting on Wednesday or Thursday.

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