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Chinese Iconography in American Bookplates

In the year 2000  the Bookplate Congress was held in Boston.
Collectors from around the globe came to meet fellow  enthusiasts, attend seminars,
 and exchange duplicates. Of the 138 registrants 16 were from China.The Chinese collectors were very enthusiastic When I list duplicates on EBay the high bidders are often from China.This is especially true for Rockwell Kent plates. He seems to be a cultural icon there. There are currently four Chinese bookplate Societies with an estimated total membership of 847.For additional information about all the bookplate societies around the world follow this link:
I have assembled a group of American bookplates with   Chinese themes for your enjoyment.
If you have similar items in your collection and would like them added to this posting send your scans to

The Frederick Townsend Ward plate was engraved bi Sidney Lawton Smith in 1910

Frederick Townsend Ward
Frederick Townsend Ward was an American sailor, mercenary, and soldier of fortune famous for his military victories for Imperial China during the Taiping Rebellion. Wikipedia
BornNovember 29, 1831, Salem
DiedSeptember 21, 1862, Ningbo

Frederick Wells Williams was a professor of oriental literature at Yale.He had two versions of his bookplate designed by William Fowler Hopson.. One was unsigned.

This Leonard image when turned upside down  changes from a frown to a smile.

The two bookplates shown below were designed by Hui-Ming Wang..
Here is a link with biographical information about him.

This blog is a collaborative undertaking so I welcome

biographical information about the owners of these bookplates and translations of the Chinese words.
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