Wednesday, August 29, 2012

American Name Labels , Part Three

 I am somewhat overwhelmed by this project because I never fully realized how many of these 18th and early 19th century labels I had accumulated . When completed this will be a good resource for further study and expansion.If you have information about any of the owners of these name labels or the printers who made them please send your input to

Rebecca Berry, Portland

Teiley Blaksslee

This Label is one of my favorites.It is quite large measuring 80 X by 178 mm.border to border.
It undoubtedly came from a large quarto or folio volume.
The owner was probably from Connecticut

Robert Brough,Norfolk , Virginia

There are a number of internet references to Mr. Brough. He was very active in The Masons in the early 19th century

James Byrne

Samuel Jordan Cabell

Samuel Chase

Signer of The declaration of Independence from Maryland.

Henry Conwell

Second bishop of Philadelphia

SamuelDexter ( Allen # 222) 

Secretary of war in 1800 and Secretary of the treasury in1801

Samuel Dexter was an early American statesman who served both in Congress and in the Presidential Cabinet. Wikipedia
BornMay 14, 1761, Boston
DiedMay 4, 1816, Boston
PartyFederalist Party

James Edmondson, Essex, 1772

David Fonda, Albany

I have family in upstate New York so I know a little about this owner. The town of Fonda New York was named after him.and his descendants include Henry , Jane and Peter.

Ann Franklin

The owner Ann Franklin was the first woman to be a printer by trade in Rhode Island .

Stay Tuned for Part Four- To be Continued 

UPDATE 8 /31/2012

I found two more examples  similar to the Ann Franklin label. My assumption about the printer of the Ann Franklin plate may have been clouded by wishful thinking.Perhaps the plate was used by a different Ann Franklin.The last thing I want to do is spread misinformation so I will back away from my from my assumption  until more research is completed..

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