Sunday, September 01, 2013

Bookplate Artist Profile , Gordon Collett

 A picture of me at work on a trompe l’œil bookcase mural.
I have been interested in pen and ink work since a child., In fact I sold drawings whilst at school, but the pull to science was stronger leading me to study marine zoology, which I did: graduating in 1986,from  UCNW Bangor.. However, at college, I decided to be a commercial artist instead. I intended to combine both passions and establish myself as a zoological illustrator. As illustration dropped out of use in the 1990's I turned to new things which have lead to what is currently my main commercial concern, , mural work, particularly trompe l’œil. I have worked across Britain and Europe for both private individuals and commercial clients.
 I continued with pen and ink for my own pleasure and have sort of "fallen in" to bookplate designing as a valid way of using this medium. After seeing plates in some of my second hand books, I got tempted to draw one for myself (early 1990's),

Most of my plates are in some way biographical..I started as a marine biologist and am an artist, a shell collector and a fencer.The hind's head is my family crest and the faun was a character I used in a lot of my early illustrations.

Eleanora ,loved "Sleeping Beauty" as a little girl

Monty likes Dinosaurs

   My plates up to now have been solely digitally printed, but I have  also found the technology to letterpress print from my drawings. Thanks to the likes of the British Bookplate Society and FISAE I am now getting interesting commissions from around the world. I am also playing with trompe l’œil in my ex libris, taking advantage of the advances in quality of digital printing and am looking forward to doing more

Tony Bulmer "Maverick" is my latest plate and an experiment in trompe l'oeil. It is a break from tradition in that this needs sticking on the fly sheet, not the front pastedown in order for the illusion to work.

Note from Lew- I want to thank Gordon Collett for sending this information and would encourage you to visit his website where you will find many more  examples of his bookplates and other art.

See you next Sunday.

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