Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Two Links That Have Nothing To Do With Bookplates

I have two links to share with you today.

The first link should be of interest to almost anyone who lives in the U.S.
Acxiom , one of the world's largest data compilers, knows more about you than you could ever imagine. You can  access the information they have collected about you at the link shown below.
 This sort  of data is used by banks to determine credit worthiness and  by potential employers to find out what you omitted from the employment application .

 It is in your best interest to review this data carefully to catch any significant errors.

NOTE FROM LEW- After visiting the site I chose to opt-out of everything..
You may find the process both challenging and frustrating. It was designed to frustrate you and prevent you from opting out

A recent BBC article by Lucy Burns  discusses an  alleged  American Potato Beetle attack  in East Germany.
 I would like to purchase some of the posters relating to the incident .
Here is a link to the article:

So there you have it. One somewhat frivolous link and one very important one, neither of which has anything to do with bookplates.

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