Monday, September 23, 2013

This Week in Bookplates 9/23/20013 - Bookplates For Exchange

I just found this database and it looks like it might take  more than a few minutes to poke into all the nooks and crannies.. The bookplate portion is overwhelming.

Mystery Bookplate

Can anyone out there identify the owner of this plate ?

Magician's bookplates for possible exchange

A Quirky Bookplate for possible exchange

It was designed by Fred B. Schlachter in 1944

Collector Profiles

 Collector profiles are always welcome. The collector profiles are are not very structured. You just write a few paragraphs about yourself and your bookplate collection.
Jpeg scans of your favorite bookplates increase the readership along with a picture of yourself, if possible.

If English is not your primary language don't be concerned.
If any editing is needed I will advise you of suggested changes before publishing.
A few randomly selected profiles are attached.

Send your collector profiles to

See you next week

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