Thursday, September 05, 2013

Sale,Exchange and Auction Announcements

This is an extremely scarce and wonderful printed broadside commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the first demonstration of surgical anesthesia and inviting the recipient to the celebration.

This printed piece brings together important people in both medicine and the book arts as it is signed by both Bigelow and Warren for Massachusetts General. Additionally, the broadside, which measures about 8 by 12 inches, was designed by Bertram Goodhue, who was a typographer, book artist and maker of bookplates. The engraving was done by E D French and it may be his largest piece of work. Finally, the invitation was printed by the Merrymount Press in Boston under the watchful eye of D B Updike.

Not many copies were printed and it is a very scarce piece of medical and anesthesia ephemera and the work of Goodhue, Updike and French.

Note from Lew- 
This information was sent to me by Tom Boss. 
The item is currently available for sale.

Upcoming Auction Modern European Bookplates

On Friday 4 October 2 pm we will sell a beautiful collection of modern bookplates (lots 170-604)

Marc, Anette and Nathalie Van de Wiele
Groeninge 34, 8000 Brugge, Belgium,

Fore-edge Paintings

My son Steven sent me this  link about fore-edge painting

Here is another fore-edge painting link .

Bookplate Exchanges

I am always interested in adding  to my collection of  Leather Bookplates by purchase or exchange.
 Here are a few duplicates for possible exchange:

Kerrytown BookFestival ,  Michigan Sunday September 8th

See you again on Monday September 9th

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