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Fishing And Bookplates

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In yesterday's post I mentioned themes in bookplate collecting. One very popular theme is fishing.

I will try to fill in as much as I know about the owners whose bookplates are illustrated on this page but it will be done slowly.Tonight,I will create the skeleton only and during the next few days more will be added. As always, your input is welcome and appreciated.

There is at least one book on the subject of fishing and bookplates: A Catalogue Of An Exhibition Of Angling Bookplates Forming The Collection Of Daniel B. Fearing, Neweport ,R.I published 1918 by The De Vinne Press.

John Simpson

I never had the pleasure of meeting John Simpson. He was a bookseller at Thomas Thorp and during his lifetime acquired a taste for angling books and exlibris.

His bookplate collection was sold at Bonhams on May 17th, 2005. He designed two bookplates for his angling library. The one illustrated above plus another. Both are illustrated at The Bookplate Society website and can be purchased inexpensively from the site.

Louis John Rhead (1857-1926)

The photo of Mr. Rhead comes from A Collection Of Bookplate Designs by Louis Rhead published by W. Porter Truesdell. He is best known as an art nouveau poster artist but was also a children's book illustrator, a bookbinder, bookplate artist and writer of angling books.

The example of his own bookplate, shown above is remarkable in several ways:

It is printed by Peter Platt*, on birch bark and inscribed to Oscar T. Blackburn**.

*Peter Platt was a master printer in New York whose client's included John Taylor Arms, and John Sloan .Perhaps one of my enthusiastic readers will send more information about him.

** Oscar Taylor Blackburn (1863-1956) was a bookplate engraver, a bookplate collector and an antiquarian bookseller. Ref p.54 American Bookplates by William E. Butler

The Butler book , mentioned above is an excellent reference .If you want to learn more about American bookplates in the twentieth century ,this is the book to purchase.

Update below added on 7/9/06

Dr.William Butler recently moved to the U.S. He has offered to sell copies of his book to any collectors who write to him at 155 Mt. Rock Road,Newville, Pa.17241

The book costs $30.00 pus postage.

F. Gray Griswold (1854-1937)

BIGTIME FISHERMAN and writer ,the picture on top right says it better than I can.

The Museum Of American Fly Fishing

Has one of the largest collections of books on fly fishing in the United States.It is located in Manchester , Vermont.

7/20/06 Update-Yoshi Akiyama, the collections manager at the museum sent me some additional information.The image on the bookplate comes from an engraving in the July 1859 issue of Harper's Magazine. The gentleman pictured is George Dawson (1813-1883)." He is considered by many to be the father of American fly fishing writing"

On another note:

Here are thre reliable and informative bookplate sites. You will find them helpful whether you are just starting or have been collecting for some time:

The Cyber Journal Of Heraldic Bookplates

The Art Of The Exlibris

ELG -A Good Place to buy bookplates

That's all for today.

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