Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gipsy Pat Smith , The A Bomb, and Quarks

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One of the joys of exploring old bookshops is finding boxes of ephemera.I often ask booksellers if they have a box of detached boards. Sometimes, great bookplates are attached to them.
In addition, I ask if they have oddball things that fell out of books. The blank check for Gipsy Pat Smith was one such find.I do not know much about him yet. He was a preacher in 1927 and this is going to be another research project.Perhaps, someone out there can send additional information.
Let me pose this question:Would you buy a used car from someone whose name was Gipsy Pat Smith?

The A -Bomb

Henry Avery chose a mushroom cloud for his bookplate. It seems like a reasonable assumption that the bomb was related to his profession. As additional information about him is discovered it will be posted.

Albert Einstein's bookplate was designed by Erich Buttner in Berlin around 1917.

It depicts man in the cosmos. This is not the kind of bookplate you will find in a box of loose boards.They rarely come up for sale and a price of several hundred dollars should be expected.

The Quark-

Murray Gell-Mann won the 1969 Nobel Prize in physics for his discovery of the quark, a fundamental building block of all known matter.He and Linda McManus designed the bookplate.

Several years ago I wrote to him and he most graciously responded with a bookplate.

Thats all for now-Your comments are always appreciated.

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