Monday, July 10, 2006

WHO IS MR. (MRS.) Rebus ????

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Bookplates can offer a glimpse into the window of someone's mind. Sometimes; however, the shades are drawn.Such is the case with Mr.? Rebus. Was he a sadist out to torment future generations with his rebus name? There are a gazillion permutations and combinations.
Could he be the infamous Kingbush Smithy or his cousin Royaltree Anvil. Under magnification the date 1931 can be seen at the bottom of the plate along with two sets of initials ,M.C.C. and I.M.S
If any of you out there have any thoughts on whose bookplate this is , I would love to hear from you.

Here are two more puzzlers. D.McK.W had something to do with acting :Was he (she) a big time silent movie star or just a theatre groupie ? Perhaps a theatre buff with curiosity above and beyond the call of duty can help me out.

Finally, the unusual bookplate with the obscure reference to political prisoners and December 22,1923 . What is that all about?
The quotation cited at the bottom "The music crept by me upon the waters"originally came from Shakespeare's The Tempest . It was later incorporated by T.S. Eliot into chapter 3 "The Fire Sermon" in The Waste Land.
Update- Leslie in Louisiana has suggested the following:" Republican president Warren Harding ended the "RED SCARE" and released the last political prisoners"
That is a good lead to follow-up President Harding's term of office was 1921-1923 so the timing is right. Thank you Leslie.

Now you know as much as I do.Help me out and I will let everyone know how bright you are.

Let's end this posting by jumping from ciphers to a new collecting theme : Wretched Excess

Two entries have been posted and the pictures are enough. No words are needed.
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