Sunday, July 02, 2006

Rabbits,Owls, Cats, Dogs and assorted Creatures on Bookplates


Many collectors have specialized topics and themes that they focus on. I tend to spend my time and energy searching for 18th century American exlibris, bookplates from the libraries of famous people from any country and bookplates with Jewish signs or symbols. The list keeps growing .Rabbits are a good case in point. I started with two Rabbit plates and in the dark of night between the covers of their snug album pages they reproduced so now I have a litter of eight.Five are domestic and three came from England.

Rabbit Update-7/17/06

One of the many pleasures in writing this blog comes from receiving unexpected
e mails and letters .
The following is extracted from a letter sent to me by , Nancy E. Hugo , the owner of my favorite rabbit bookplate (illustrated above)

"I can give you a little bit of information about the bookplate:It is based on a design by Geoffrey Tory , the first Royal Printer of France,whose book, Champfleury, was published in 1529.Tory letters are quite familiar to printers, and his name very much a part of printing history.

My particular bookpkate I can tell you, alas , not much about.I don't know who designed it based on Tory letters-a friend of my father's, but who???. It was my first bookplate, dating from, literally, my infancy, since I have no recollection of a time when it did not exist.

It was printed for me and my father at the Meriden Gravure Company, by the simple process of tucking it onto an offset plate on which there was room "

I know there are collectors out there who focus on dogs, cats ,owls, stamps, chess and even chickens.Whatever your interest , especially if you have a website with images let me hear from you and your interests will be posted. Send your information to

On to another topic-The Hagley Museum and Library in Delaware just opened an exhibit of bookplates from the James M. Goode collection. If you plan to be anywhere near Philadelphia or Washington between now and December 2006 include this in your itinerary.The exhibit consists of framed and matted bookplates in five categories :Institutions, Delaware, Scientists, Industrialists, plus the Arts and Crafts era.

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JVArnoso said...

I am interested in bookplates with animals buy specially with dogs, butterflies, fish, owls, eagles, birds and bulls as a theme. Your rabitt collection seems interesting though not very common.
Best, J.V.B.

Trish said...

I love rodents. Have you ever seen any bookplates featuring mice or rats?