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Who Was Teiley Blaksslee ?

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You will have to wait until Friday June 30th, when I return to get additional information but if by some twist of fate you know something about this gentleman and want to share it with us please let us know.
He probably lived in Connecticut .If you simply can not wait until I return go to page 304 in Bookplates In The News by Audrey Arellanes. See you all on Friday.

The following was written by Richard H. Schimmelpfeng in Bookplates In The News.

" Recently the writer was given the book label of Teily Blaksslee, said to be of Connecticut origin. The label is unusual in giving so much information about the owner; it is too bad that he didn't give his address as well. It is a large label , measuring 80 x 178 mm. border to border, and undoubtedly came from a large quarto or folio volume.

Research so far has not identified the owner.The name Teiley (Tillie,Tilla,Tilly,Tiley,Tely, etc.)
Blaksslee(Blackly ,Blazeley,Blakslee,Blackslee, etc.) is a common one around 17th and 18th century New Haven and Woodbury-Southbury, and turns up frequently in the vital records of the period although none is listed under 1728 (I assume the owner knew his birth year).
Men of this name served in the 1756,1757 and 1759 campaigns of the French and Indian war.None of these men apparently attended Yale or Harvard.

In the absence of any information, it is interesting to speculate about the owner: was he a printer perhaps, or had access to a printshop? The printing is not well -done ; it looks rather amateurish. The phrasing indicates somewhat that only one book was bought, and surely its purchase meant enough for the owner to have a special label in it.Was he a parson, perhaps?
It would be interesting to know what the book was which the owner bought 212 years ago."

This is the beginning of the research and as always your participation is encouraged.
That's all for now but additional information will be added as received.

7/4/2006 Additional Information Just Received
One of the joys of writing this blog is hearing from and learning from readers.
Mr. John Titford , a bookplate collector and Genealogist in England has written, as follows:

" You're wondering,I bet, why Teiley's birthday fell on 21 June in 1767, though he was born on 10 June in 1728 ?

Well, in 1752 in England (and no doubt in it's American colonies , too) a change was made from the Julian to the Gregorian Calendar.

So: From 1752 the year would begin on 1st. January, not 25 March as hitherto.

To balance things up, eleven days were simply removed from the calendar in 1752.This explains the eleven days' discrepancy between his birthdate and his 1767 birthday."

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