Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bookplate (Exlibris) Tips For New Collectors

Novice stamp collectors have no trouble in starting and building a collection. Fellow collectors , as well as dealers are easily found . Price guides and reference books are plentiful.

The exact opposite applies to bookplates.That is why so many new collectors give up after the initial enthusiasm wears off. It takes considerable thought, time and energy to build a collection,which is precisely why I enjoy this hobby so much.

For those of you thinking about starting or building a collection here are a few time-tested tips to think about. Some are extreme, but they are all very productive.

BOOKBINDERS In most large communities there is at least one hand bookbinder.Check the Yellow Pages, Google, or ask a book dealer.More often than not they, being pack rats ,hold onto old bookplates ,and in some instances are more than willing to sell you a cigar box full.

BOOKPLATE ORGANIZATIONS In most countries there is an active bookplate society.I have been a member of both the American and English societies for many years and have gotten many choice items through exchanges with other members.

The American Society

The English Society

EBAY Without question, I rely on this highly addictive site increasingly.Here is a tip.Search all possible spellings :Bookplate, Book Plate, Exlibris, Ex Libris

Yahoo Groups They have an exlibris discussion group which is highly recommended for both beginners and advanced collectors . They currently have 232 members from around the world.

Angel Of Death Letters From time to time I send letters to collectors in their eighties ,inquiring about purchasing their collections .Since I am currently 69 years old do not contact me until 2017

I have much more to say, but the train to New York City leaves shortly.I will continue in my next posting. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about bookplates and good luck in building your collection.
Lew Jaffe

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