Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I Can Tell You About Hallie Flanagan But Who Was ZVR And GeorgianaT.W. Erdmann ?

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Reincarnation is not something I believe in but if such a thing were possible I would prefer to come back as an archaeologist, as opossed to an ant or an albatross. I mention this because for me ,the joy in bookplate collecting is somewhat like archaeology.It enables you to dig into the history of the owner,the artist who designed his plate and sometimes you even get a snapshot of a historical moment.

Let's start with the two items where my "dig" was sucessful. Haille Flanagan(1889-1960) was the director of the W.P.A. Federal Theatre Project during the depression in the 1930's.There is a wealth of information about her on the internet but this site is most helpful : Http://

I was so pleased when I got the Flanagan plate that I made the following notation "5/18/2000 found in the stalls outside the Strand Bookstore in New York City for 48 cents"

Sam V.Moore was an active hiker in Maryland who devoted much of his time and energy to helping The Boy Scouts and members of his community. A tribute to him can be seen at


Georgiana T. W. Erdmann is still a mystery.She lived at 60 West 52nd. St. which I am assuming was in New York City.Although I suspect that no more than twenty people read my blogs each day, sooner or later someone will come forth with additional information which will be duly noted.

ZVR is the toughest nut to crack.The plate was designed by E Reeve in 1927. It is a puzzle to be solved.

I mentioned the Strand, located at 828 Broadway (near 12th St) in New York City.If you go there be sure to visit the rare book room .Not all the books there are expensive. From time to time you can find choice bookplates for your collection at reasonable prices.

It does ;however, take time and patience to sort through hundreds of books to find one desireable bookplate.

Here is anther store to visit within walking distance of the Strand:

12th St Books, 11 east 12th st (off 5th avenue) -Nice selection at very reasonable prices.

Tomorrow I will list other stores and dealers worth contacting for bookplates or books about bookplates. Thats all for today.

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Cranford Collector said...


I too, was searching for the elusive Georgiana T. W. Erdmann and came across your blog while searching.

I collect books and happened to purchase one of her custom bound books that had a letter to her bindery (Duttons) in it. The name on the letter was Mrs. John F. Erdmann, and from this I was able to ascertain the following information about Gerogiana T. W. Erdmann"

1. Her name was Georgiana Teresa Wright Erdmann, and she was the wife of Dr. John F. Erdmann, an eminent surgeon (Professor of Surgery Columbia University, and Director of Surgery at the Post Graduate Hospital of Columbia University) who is famous in history for being one of the attending physicians during a cancer surgery for President Grover Cleveland (the surgery was performed on a yacht!).

2. The Erdmanns had a house (called Coxwould) in the Hamptons down the street from Jackie Kennedy's (Bouvier) aunts' home called "Grey Gardens"( Apparently Gerorgiana was a bit of a wild woman, since according to the following article (, "She gave a dinner party once where she brought out her newborn baby on a silver platter."

I should mention that my Erdmann bookplate shows a change of address: 122 East 70th Street (that's where she lived in 1933-- date on the letter in the book).