Monday, June 26, 2006

Odds And Ends

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I do not feel very focused this evening so I may ramble from one unrelated subject to another.On my previous posting about dated plates I discovered a particularly useful website:
Talk about a labor of love.This is a good example .The site's creator Daryl Lundry has spent thirteen years gathering information about the aristocrats in England and the continent.You can even locate by names of castles and estates.This site is extremely helpful for bookplate research.

A brief commercial pause -I listed 25 five bookplates on Ebay over the last few days.They reflect my collecting interests.If you go to Ebay and click onto advanced search, you can select by seller name- mine is Bookplatemaven

I have always admired the members of the Bookplate Society in England.They are a dedicated and truly focused group of individuals whose scholarly output of books and journals is worth considerably more than the modest membership fee. If you join the society as a result of this posting and advise me accordingly I will send you some particularly nice bookplates to add to your collection. My contact email is bookplatemaven at hotmail dot com

The American Society lost it's focus for a while but I think they are now back on track and I hope you will join. If you do so and advise me accordingly I will send you a copy of The Art Of The Bookplate by Jim Keenan I only have five copies so don't procrastinate.My contact email is Bookplatemaven at hotmail dot com

The two bookplates illustrated at the top of this posting need to be researched. Thomas Croswell lived in Falmouth in 1808 and Sarah Lawrence lived in Philadelphia ,probably in the 18th century.That is an educated guess because of the laid paper on which she made her bookplate. When I feel more focused the research will begin and your input , as always is appreciated.

That's all for tonight.

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