Saturday, June 10, 2006

Thank You Harper Lee

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On a self-indulgent Saturday morning, I am apt to ramble.

A link to the site of another bookplate enthusiast has been added (click on the underlined title).
I would be delighted to link with other bookplate sites on a reciprocal basis.

Later in the day,I will pick up a copy of Mockingbird , a biography of Harper Lee.
When I requested a bookplate several years ago she took the time to respond even though she does not use one..Thank you Ms. Lee

There was a winner in yesterday's contest, Sean Tierney.He graciously declined his prize since he already had a copy of Jim Keenan's book so the contest is still up and running.

My new bookplate by Andy English should be ready in several months.It features Meerkats.
By coincidence, there is a delightful series about Meerkats on The Animal Planet.

My current bookplate by Roy Cooney is always available for exchange with other collectors. That's about all for now.

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JVArnoso said...

I will gladly post a link to your blog at my website «The Art of the Ex Libris». Thanks.