Monday, June 12, 2006

Did Greta Garbo and Josephine Baker EverSee These Bookplates?

In 1939 A. Herry designed a charming bookplate for Greta Garbo and he captured her essence with great skill. The bookplate is in my collection and I enjoy looking at it but it may be one of those" honorarium" exlibris. I just do not know.

The term honorarium is used when a designer creates a bookplate for a celebrity without the knowledge or consent of the subject.Many bookplate designers, to this day, engage in this sort of shell game.

I designed a bookplate for Greta Garbo. The fact that she never asked me to design it is irrelevant. It impresses potential clients. .

Perhaps I am being too cynical. There may very well be some designers who do these sorts of plates out of respect for and as a tribute to someone they greatly admire.

Here is another plate from my collection that may very well be in the honorarium category -Josephine Baker by Attilio Cavallini (1888-1948)

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Printlover Daily said...

Your site is most enjoyable. Is there a bookplate society ?

JVArnoso said...

Congratulations on your blog. Your postings are very interesting with quite unusual bookplates some very nice and curious.
Indeed, it is possible that none of these «bookplates» were ever used as such by the famous bearers. But I will make some research on that and will let you know. There are, of course, as you well know other famous exmaples of such ex libris - executed on behalf of famous people but never used as bookplates by the recipients, which no matter how good they are not worthy of being in a collection. Best regards from Portugal.