Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Higgledy ,Piggledy,Pop!-The Sendak Plate Arrived-Bill Clinton Is Next

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Several years ago my friend Jim Keenan published The Art Of The Bookplate, a very fine reference book .On Page 58 , I spotted the Maurice Sendak plate and by coincidence was able to get his home address from a mutual friend.

I sent a letter to Mr. Sendak requesting a copy of his bookplate for my collection and enclosed a copy of Keenan's book to reciprocate. Several weeks later a signed plate arrived but it was not the one that had Jennie the Sealyham Terrier who was also the star in Higgledy, Piggledy,Pop. I assumed he no longer had any loose copies .

Fast Forward-June2006-The elusive Sendak bookplate showed up on Ebay and I was the high bidder.It is signed and dated(1970) on the reverse side.

On to the next bookplate on my wish list:

I have been trying to get William Jefferson Clinton's bookplate for several years and did not have the nerve to ask him when I was shaking his hand at the My Life book signing in 2004
Several letters have been composed but none have been sent.I will keep you informed of my progress. That's all for today.

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